Nuclear & Industrial Decommissioning - Masts & Manipulators

The challenge

Decommissioning legacy industrial and nuclear structures is an ongoing process that frequently requires non-standard equipment and innovative methodologies.

Handling systems for decommissioning often need to reach hard to access areas, while maintaining a safe distance for operators. And the reliable and effective deployment of bespoke tooling frequently requires attributes and capabilities not found in standard equipment.

The solution

Nuclear and industrial masts can provide the optimal solution for tool handling and deployment in complex decommissioning scenarios. Their rigid construction gives tools such as manipulators and grabs a stable platform to safely handle the reaction forces generated during their operation.

SCX Special Projects’ can design, build and install masts to meet exact requirements, encompassing features such as multi-directional movement, repeatable positioning, independent recovery, and mechanical load limiters.

An extensive upgrade

  • Telescopic masts are ideally suited where limited headroom or restrictive surrounding space is an issue
  • These are typically made up of square, hollow, stainless steel sections that incorporate reinforcing rings at the bottom edges
  • A complete mast and manipulator can incorporate power feeds and tool control management functionality for the remote operation of a vast range of tooling


Always recoverable

  • This remotely operated single-stage mast delivers a safe method of removing old brick linings of petrochemical vessels
  • The mast takes advantage of the vessels’ outdoor location with no overhead space restrictions, while the lightweight truss is manoeuvrable without compromising
    on rigidity
  • The manipulator arm features two rotation joints and two elbows to enable access to the vessel’s inner ceiling as well as the lower walls


Safe travel

  • Some SCX solutions have required a specific order of mast section retraction featuring hydraulic cylinders that enable each stage to be individually controlled
  • The hydraulic manipulators can be configured with heads to suit all purposes, from debris collection to demolition
  • Masts can be fitted with an internal wash down ring, spraying each section’s surfaces and cables in situations where contamination must be managed


Let's talk more about masts and manipulators.

The nuclear and industrial sectors demands levels of safety and integrity that requires special high-integrity solutions. As requirements become increasingly demanding, existing handling solutions will require adaptations to remain fit-for-purpose.

We have decades of experience in overhauling nuclear cranes, which come in at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Talk to us today.

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