Fit-for-purpose crane systems

SCX Special Projects designs, engineers, builds and installs cost-effective, fit-for-purpose crane systems. We do this across a diverse range of sectors with one thing in common: standard commercial cranes can't meet their needs.

From nuclear waste to munitions, fuel packages to plant decommissioning, we lift, shift, grab, rotate, slide, tilt and roll some of the UK's most sensitive and valuable assets.

What can we move for you?

Our in-house mechanical, EC&I and safety engineers work together to explore the most cost-effective, practical and reliable handling solution to meet your needs.

How? We take industry-proven components and add our engineering expertise in control, automation and safety. And where the right components don't exist, we engineer our own.

The result? Innovative solutions to get your lifting and handling challenges under complete control.

And we can breathe new life into older systems, adding safety and functionality to extend their usefulness and maximise ROI.

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2.5t clean room MOTS crane

  • Full loose article control (LAC) design with stainless steel shroud
  • Seismically verified for high integrity lifting
  • Independent safety via MotoSuiveur (MS0) load arresting device


32t bespoke remote-handling nuclear crane

  • Bespoke rotating grapple with semi-automated remote control
  • Independent safety via MotoSuiveur (MS3) load arresting device
  • Multi-layered functional safety designed to IEC 61508 standard


Fit-for-purpose handling in complete control

  • High integrity data encryption for safety-critical applications
  • Customisable screens for clear visual display of crane data
  • Modular COTS, MOTS and bespoke handling solutions


125t bespoke nuclear crane + 10t auxiliary hoist

  • Bespoke high integrity crane with MotoSuiveur (MS7) load arrest
  • Full loose article control plus stainless steel walkways & cabinets
  • Designed to IEC 61508 functional safety standards


150t MOTS high integrity crane

  • Independent safety via MotoSuiveur (MS7)
  • Full position reporting on all motions via laser systems
  • Low level loose article control including drip trays


25t nuclear handling MOTS crane

  • Independent safety via MotoSuiveur (MS4) including load recovery
  • Long barrel for 20-metre height of lift
  • Loose article control (LAC) design



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