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SCX has developed and delivered a series of robust, reliable, and efficient retractable roof systems, tailored to each scenario’s specific requirements

The investment in building a new venue - or upgrading existing ones - can be significant. A challenge lies in finding ways to make every square foot work hard in as wide a range of situations and conditions as possible. When architects are exploring their options, the prospect of kinetic architecture - buildings that move - can open up new commercial possibilities and help venue owners deliver a quicker return.

In addition, limitations on space, post-Covid attitudes to health, new construction technologies, and refined customer needs means that demand for multi-use venues has never been higher.

The Solution

Embracing a retractable roof is one of the most dramatic and versatile routes to achieving a multi-use venue. They add flexibility and a sense of something special to any space.

SCX Special Projects has a pioneering track record in designing, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning bespoke retractable roofs of all sizes. Each of these complex structures is a significant mechanical handling project, meticulously designed to deliver precise kinetic motion.

Fit for purpose

  • Each retractable roof is designed and engineered to each venue’s specific dimensions and characteristics
  • A roof may be designed to deliver a specific benefit, such as the roof on the Qatar Fan Zone which needed to be easily deconstructed and reconstructed in different locations
  • SCX combines its mechanical and electrical engineering with controls and safety expertise to deliver innovative, yet highly reliable, roof systems


Transforming areas

  • Underutilised space, both outdoor and indoor can be transformed into multi-use venues, maximising flexibility and commercial opportunities
  • Retracting a roof over an indoor space delivers fair weather, an open air feel, and the benefits of improved ventilation
  • In contrast, covering an outdoor space with a retractable roof helps to minimise the impact that the weather has  on events - be that rain or sun


Wimbledon court roofs

SCX Special Projects designed, engineered, and installed the two retractable roofs over Wimbledon’s Centre Court, and No.1 Court, these concertina-style folding roofs are comprised of trusses that span the full width of the Courts and support lighting and ventilation equipment.

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Additional capabilities


  • A retractable roof can also serve as a highly versatile location to affix  ancillary or temporary equipment such as lighting or sound systems
  • Independent control of individual roof elements can also enable partial deployment functionality such as Wimbledon’s sunshade mode, keeping direct sunlight off the Royal Box
  • Integration with HVAC systems for climate control is another popular function, helping to maintain a comfortable environment
Maintenance and servicing


  • SCX provides mechanical and electrical maintenance and servicing to ensure that our retractable roof projects remain safe and dependable throughout their working lives
  • For larger projects, a full testing routine will be undertaken prior to major events to ensure that all systems are functional and ready for anything
  • Redundancy is built-in to many critical parts of the structure to ensure that any complication will not cause disruption
Camden Market

This structure, located in the stables area of Camden market has operated as a restaurant and now serves as a conference centre. SCX delivered a cost-effective power and control solution for a retractable section of the building’s roof.

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  • SCX has partnered with OpenAire, the world’s premier designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom aluminium retractable roof enclosures
  • The partnership combines expertise in transforming stylish indoor spaces into airy outdoor venues
  • Elements such as retractable roofs, skylights, and bi-folding doors blend with industry-leading control and automation to deliver moving structures that operate at the push of a button

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SCX Special Projects has earned a reputation for engineering, building and installing some of the most advanced kinetic systems that allow you to realise your most adventurous ideas, while at the same time providing a hugely dependable overall solution.

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