Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, and Automation (MEICA)

Kinetic architecture for critical infrastructure

Moving structures have a specific purpose, which they undertake with exact movements. Be it lifting, rotating, pivoting, or extending, this motion has been specified for efficiency, convenience, and the safety for those involved.

This is especially true for structures that are used by, or that provide a service to the public. These sustainable, innovative, and commercially efficient solutions must be safe and dependable, encompassing mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation (MEICA) expertise and best practice.

Our in-house Mechanical and EC&I Engineers, alongside our installation and maintenance teams provide mechanical and electrical services to new and refurbished heavy kinetic structures.

These SCX projects that incorporate MEICA assets and expertise benefit from improved working practices and procedures that in turn, lower lifetime operational and maintenance costs, and improve safety procedures and uptime through the reduction or elimination of hazards.

Falkirk Wheel
  • The Wheel's hydraulic system was manufactured and installed by SCX subsidiary Denley Hydraulics

  • 10 hydraulic motor gearbox assemblies with disk brakes spin the wheel, while auxiliary power units control the retractable seal, pins, valves, gondola lance and gondola gates

  • The complete solution also incorporates pressure sensors, overload protection, hydraulic braking, and a SCADA system with local node I/O



Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium

  • SCX engineered and installed the world's first dividing, retractable football pitch and the world's first non-contact pitch grow lights
  • 204 electric motors, 32 hydraulic jacks and 1,388 custom steel wheels power the 3,000 tonne pitch-long trays

  • The design working life is 25 years, supported by calculations, documentation, and comprehensive acceptance testing



Wimbledon - Retractable Stadia Roofs

  • SCX engineered, built, tested, and installed the retractable concertina roofs over Wimbledon's Centre Court and No.1 Court
  • Electric motors and actuators move, deploy, and retract the roof, controlled by a bespoke EC&I system

  • Operation is via a custom SCADA desk, providing simple roof controls alongside detailed roof speed, position, angle and alarm information, plus temperature and wind speed



Anderton Boat Lift

  • Restoration of the only working boat lift left in England

  • The choice of hydraulic power required a modern EC&I scheme

  • A new visitor’s centre houses the upgraded control system

Inclined Goods Lift - Loch Sloy
  • SCX engineered a bespoke inclined goods transport system to replace an old one, capable of travelling up a mountain with an incline of 45 degrees

  • A modern winch featuring all-new power, control, and safety equipment, with the winch gear and its mechanical and electrical components installed at the top

  • The new bogie can be controlled from either the main control panel or on a pendant console



Essex & Suffolk Water Filter Bed Gantries

  • 18 water filtration beds are covered by the three bespoke gantries, providing cover to six consecutive pools

  • The rotating gantries are mounted on powered bogies with sensors monitoring the alignment and a slewing ring and pivot system correcting skew

  • The drum is powered by variable speed inverter drives for safe, smooth, and controlled motion



Network Rail Footbridge Lifts

  • An innovative modular lift system for the environmentally friendly, easily accessible, and cost-effective AVA footbridge for Network Rail

  • Addresses numerous weaknesses of traditional lift systems and overcomes complex and time-consuming installation challenges

  • The new design lowers the cost of production, increases efficiency and flexibility, and reduces carbon throughout



Halley Ice Station

  • Mechanical and EC&I design for raising and lowering legs

  • Proof of concept and testing work, through to commissioning

  • Work included both Halley 5 and Halley 6 stations

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