A first look at the HUET Hoist - VIDEO

28th January 2013

SCX Special Projects have designed and built two Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) Hoists on behalf of SEFtec.

As the name suggests, the hoists are used to raise, lower and most importantly, ‘dunk’ SEFtec’s helicopter underwater rescue training rig, into and out of a pool.

The hoist features ‘variable dunking speeds’ of up to 30m/min in order to simulate a real-life incident. True vertical lift provides stability for the rotating rig as it is raised back up and the water drains from the internals.

Crucially, the hoist is Lloyds Certified as man-riding so as to ensure the safety of the users when entering the helicopter rig suspended from the hoist.

The system also features an additional battery operated recovery hoist to ensure the rig can be recovered in the event of a problem with the primary hoist or a mains power failure.

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