Qatar World Cup Fan Zone Retractable Roof

Scores of football fan zones popped up in cities around the globe for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. These often temporary venues face different challenges depending on where they are in the world; the harsh temperatures of the Middle East in particular, require innovative solutions to deliver a memorable viewing experience.

The challenge

Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy required a purpose-built structure that could bring the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to Doha and be adapted into a multi-functional event space after the event had concluded.

A key requirement was to deliver the feel of an open-air stadium while maintaining a comfortable environment, placing vital importance on a retractable roof to maintain immersion.

The solution

SCX Special Projects were tasked with developing the retractable roof for this 10,000-capacity structure in Qatar.

When fully deployed, the roof works in tandem with its ground-breaking cooling technology to withstand temperatures exceeding 45°C (113°F), keeping fans safe and comfortable as they enjoy the beautiful game on the country’s then-largest LED panoramic display.

Engineering that’s on the ball

  • Bespoke tracks suspended from the seven trusses of the frame support eight fabric roof sections, operated individually by our plug-and-play-type power and control system.
  • These ‘sails’ comprise of seven folds of fabric, which hang from 224 trolleys that are suspended from 32 continuous belts housed inside the tracks
  • Each fold deploys one by one as the mechanism is operated, with the sails gliding across their working travel at speeds controlled by the operator


Safe and resilient Operation, anywhere

  • Rotary limit switches automatically stop the sails as they reach fully extended and retracted positions
  • Emergency stop and safety reset mechanisms deliver robust fail-safes
  • Filters compensating for inconsistent power supplies that can be found in Qatar demonstrate that both national and local standards are taken into account for every project we undertake


A team game

  • The entire structure can be easily dismantled and erected by a team of non-qualified electricians
  • Individually-numbered plugs and sockets with coding pins enable foolproof reassembly of all the cables and motors
    These design choices show how we simplify assembly and maintenance operations to meet each client’s individual needs and technical ability
  • Each fold deploys one by one as the mechanism is operated, with the sails gliding across their working travel at speeds controlled by the operator


Let's talk more about retractable roofs.

SCX Special Projects has earned a reputation for engineering, building and installing some of the most advanced handling systems.

With an unwavering focus on safety, our engineers still explore and deliver those innovative touches that have become the hallmark of an SCX solution.

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