Nuclear COTS Crane Solution

SCX Special Projects has integrated a revolutionary independent emergency safety brake into a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hoist to provide a cost-effective, verified Nuclear crane solution.

The solution uses the proven technology of the Street Crane ZX hoist, which meets all current UK lifting standard requirements. The system is then protected with independent safety backup via the failsafe MotoSuiveur (MS) emergency hoist brake and recovery device, from Siguren. This secondary safety brake provides safe load arrest in the event of a mechanical failure, within a fraction of the headroom of a traditional safety brake, and an additional recovery option enables the safe recovery of the arrested load.

By incorporating such a safety system onto a range of COTS hoists, SCX Special Projects is able to provide high integrity verified nuclear crane and hoist solutions at incredibly cost-effective prices.

ZX Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hoist by Street Crane

The low profile ZX COTS hoist is built for endurance, and is modular to enable a wide range of lifting speeds/heights and SWLs (< 50 tonnes). By making small adaptations to the drum and end plate, SCX Special Projects can integrate the MS unit into any variation, to create a fully-substantiated Nuclear COTS crane solution for various applications.

Rendering of MotoSuiveur emergency brake and hoist system

Diagram of MotoSuiveur (MS) unit

The compact self-locking MotoSuiveur (MS) unit is mounted directly onto the drum and follows the normal rotation of the hoist, so that in the event of any abnormal operation (e.g. from a failure or over-speed) the device will automatically arrest the load, whilst incorporating damping to ensure maximum protection.

Unlike a traditional emergency calliper disk brake, the MS unit’s integrated wheel and sliding worm drive will not allow a free-fall condition to develop, safely and smoothly stopping a hoist barrel within 30° of angular rotation.

An additional recovery option ensures that in the event of a failure, the arrested load can be returned to a safe position.

Pendant control with modular pushbuttons for progressive speed control

To facilitate fine control, SCX Special Projects are also able to incorporate modular pushbuttons which use linear potentiometers to provide true variable speed control. Rather than a simple binary on/off operation, these buttons provide progressive speed control on all motions according to the degree of pressure applied by the operator.

Watch the solution in action

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