Jet Engine Test Cell - Hoisting Package Solution

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The Challenge

A new jet engine test cell facility – the largest of its kind in the world – puts jet engines through a series of rigorous and precisely measured tests. The cutting-edge facility allows engines to be pushed safely to their limits, enhancing performance and efficiency.

The challenge was to design a hoisting package that can move jet engines safely around the facility, before undertaking the important task of lifting them safely from the floor to the test rig, and back. Precise alignment with the connections on the test rig interface was a primary objective.

The Solution

SCX designed, built, tested and installed a package of hoisting solutions, including an overhead travelling crane and a high-integrity handling system for the highly valuable jet engine assets.

SCX’s bespoke handling solution delivers a range of benefits to the test cell, including: safe, reliable and repeatable jet engine handling; accurate engagement with the testing interface; efficient use of the test cell’s limited roof space; and ease of access for service and maintenance.

A fit-for-purpose solution

  • The main engine hoist has a long, low profile and a modular construction to enable its assembly in the limited roof space above the jet engine testing rig
  • The 31-tonne SWL hoist deploys four wire ropes for 12.5 metres of true and stable vertical lift, accommodating the jet engine’s offset centre of gravity
  • The innovative hoist layout uses a diverter and reeving arrangement that allows a single large barrel to serve the required length of wire rope


In complete control

  • Load cells monitor the load on each rope, while encoders and sensors feed operational data to the control panel
  • Acoustic attenuation barriers are implemented on the structure to minimise the amount of jet engine noise reaching the roof void
  • BS61508-compliant safety circuits include limit switches and interlocks for safe and controlled lifting, plus emergency load arrest via a twin-calliper brake acting on a large disc attached directly to the hoist drum


Precise, reliable lifting

  • Operated via a remote radio pendant, the hoist has variable speed drives for fine control and precision to align the jet engine with critical testing interfaces
  • The hoist has an operating design life of at least 20 years, including BS12100 and BS13849 standards compliance
  • Mechanical and EC&I design, manufacture, assembly, test, installation and commissioning all by SCX Special Projects to ensure a ‘right first time’ installation


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