Hydraulic Stage Set Lifting Rigs

The challenge

Our client provides stage set build solutions to entertainment venues and stadia around the world. The main structure of the stage set is built by adding small sections one by one at each corner.

However, this process is complicated for several reasons. Each of the four corners of the set needs to be raised precisely at the same. And the stage sets are built in wide-ranging conditions, introducing variables like wind-loading, and always against tight completion deadlines.

The solution

SCX Special Projects designed, built and tested four hydraulic lifting rigs, complete with hydraulic power units and a bespoke control system. The design focuses on our client’s requirements for simplicity, reliability, repeatability, power efficiency and ease of testing.

Each lifting rig is rated for a SWL of 30 tonnes, giving a total system SWL of 120 tonnes. The four rigs can be controlled in precise unison with a master pendant, or individually as required.

Accurate and safe lifting

  • The entire rig system is modular and designed to be easily transported to new venues, with minimal setup

  • Controls are as simple as possible to minimise operator learning curves

  • Maintainable items carefully designed for servicing and replacement, with a typical 6-month service cycle


Portable, repeatable stage builds

  • A blend of power-efficient hydraulic lifting, mechanical design, safety design and bespoke electrical control

  • Design working life of 25 years, supported by calculations, documentation and comprehensive acceptance testing

  • Engineering, build, test and installation all under one roof, reducing overall costs and speeding up delivery


An innovative, robust, and power-efficient solution

  • The stage towers are built through repeated 1.25 metre lifts and held safely while the next truss is inserted

  • The four lifting rigs communicate via Ethernet to ensure a precise, controlled and synchronised motion

  • A hydraulic power unit and rams provide lift and drop, controlled by a bespoke EC&I system


Let's talk more about lifting rigs.

SCX Special Projects has earned a reputation for engineering, building and installing some of the most advanced handling systems.

With an unwavering focus on safety, our engineers still explore and deliver those innovative touches that have become the hallmark of an SCX solution.

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