Cardinal Place - Bespoke Building Access Machines

SCX Special Projects supplied the external façade access and maintenance equipment to clean and service the external envelope of Cardinal Place in the centre of London.

The development comprises 46,920sqm of offices in two buildings along with 12,450sqm of retail and restaurant accommodation. The unique shape of the construction required SCX Special Projects’ experience of bespoke access equipment in order to safely and aesthetically accommodate the two extremely large but agile building maintenance units (BMUs) required to access the full external façade.

Bespoke building maintenance unit (BMU) for Cardinal Place

The larger building, which faces onto Victoria Street, is accessed by a 32m telescopic jib which lowers a two person cradle down the side of the building. Mounted on a powered trolley, the machine traverses the width of the building on a twin rail. Four wheel units are mounted at each corner of the trolley; two free running units and two driven by electric motor gear reducers complete with electro-magnetic brakes to ensure stability even under high wind conditions.

Telescopic jib with two-person cradle on top of Cardinal Place

A parallelogram elevator connects the jib to the trolley in order to raise and lower the machine out of its storage location and above the roof. The machine then rotates on its mast it into its working position whilst a hydraulic ram luffs the telescopic jib over the sloping roof.

Cardinal Place roof with building maintenance unit out of sight

When not in use, the machine retracts back into a specially designed garage with sliding louvre roof panels, matching the external façade, to hide it from view.

Cardinal Place's building maintenance unit in use

The second building is accessed by a similar machine, but which also incorporates a power-slewing ring so that it can be positioned around the perimeter of the building and an articulated levelling system to ensure that the machine remains upright as it travels up the inclined track.

From the incline track, the machine switches onto a staggered horizontal track spanning the width of the building, to enable it to access and retract back into its own hidden garage. Tilting louvre door panels hide the machine and garage from view when not in use.

Tilting louvre door panels hide Cardinal Place's building maintenance unit

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