Bespoke 32-Metre Telescopic Jib Crane Deployment Solution

The right handling solution isn't just about the mechanical characteristics of safe working loads and reach. Sometimes, a crane needs to do a disappearing act, whether for aesthetic reasons or to avoid being an obstruction. And it still needs to be safe, reliable and fit-for-purpose.

The Challenge

Large jib cranes are not usually kept out of sight. However, our client had a roof-mounted crane application that needed to be hidden in order to maintain architectural aesthetics.

The roof in question also has a distinctive curved and tapering shape, adding to the challenge of safely traversing the crane rails, operating reliably – and of course retracting out of sight when not in use. Significant mechanical handling and electrical engineering challenges needed to be solved.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects designed, manufactured, and installed two bespoke machines. Both have a slewing mast to support the telescopic jib crane, mounted on a powered trolley.

When not in use, both machines cleverly retract into specially designed, hidden garages. These are fitted with sliding louvre cover panels that exactly match their surrounding materials, allowing the cranes to disappear completely from sight while also being protected from harsh weather.

A stable platform

  • The powered four-wheel trolley traverses a twin rail, driven by
    two electric motors and held with electromagnetic brakes, giving stability even in high winds
  • The three-section telescopic jib extends up to 32 metres for a wide range of load placement
  • A variety of interlocks and limit switches ensure that the system remains secure and under control


A crane that climbs

  • The machine negotiates a curved incline using a bogie connected to its toothed rails by rack and pinion drives
  • An articulated levelling system ensures the crane mast remains vertical as it travels up the curved track
  • Careful mechanical and electrical design allows the entire machine to smoothly transition between the toothed inclined track and standard horizontal rails


Mechanical handling innovation

  • To minimise storage space, not only does the crane have a telescopic jib, but the mast also retracts on a parallelogram elevator mounted to its trolley
  • Once the parallelogram elevator is fully extended, the crane rotates to bring the mast and jib into working position
  • Finally, the mast is fitted with a hydraulic ram to luff the telescopic jib up and down


Let's talk more about bespoke crane deployment

Sometimes, it's not just a case of choosing the right crane. It's also working out where it will go and how it will move.

We've solved some of the most challenge crane deployment, positioning and storage challenges - from the tops of roofs to hidden below floors. Talk to us today.

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