Oman Aluminium Rolling Mill - Automated Crane Management System

SCX Special Projects created a highly complex crane automation system for an Aluminium Rolling Mill in Oman, designed to process around half a million tonnes of rolled aluminium product a year.

The cranes are equipped with advanced EC&I sensors and systems to manage their routes around the plant, to detect the various characteristics of the heavy aluminium rolls, and to ensure that stock is always in the right place at the right time.

The Challenge

Our client has an Aluminium Rolling Mill in Oman, designed to process around half a million tonnes of rolled aluminium product a year.

Due to the complex distribution path options once the coils are rolled, the mill required a system capable of critical path analysis to organise and distribute the coils accurately through the most efficient route possible.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects created a complex Crane Management System (CMS), enabling the two 25 tonne main storage area cranes to automatically distribute hot coils between numerous locations around the mill, interfacing with various production lines and processes.

Our CMS analyses data from both cranes to safely and accurately optimise the route that they should take through the plant. This ensures that each coil arrives in the right place, in the right
condition, exactly when they are required.

Complex multi-crane automation

  • The CMS records coil type, timestamps of movements, plus required onward processes, for each and every roll
  • It organises predetermined process paths into the most efficient routes, while ensuring they do not obstruct each other
  • The CMS also shares the workload between the two cranes


Cool and connected

  • The extreme operating environment can reach 60°C, so air-con units keep the thermally-insulated control cabinets at a suitable temperature
  • A Siemens SCALANCE wireless communication network links the cranes to the CMS
  • The remote operator interface provides an approved e-stop, ensuring complete shutdown of the crane system


Intelligent EC&I

  • The cranes accurately position hot coils onto 45 individual stands in front of coil cooling air fans
  • Once the CMS detects that the coils are below 80°C, they are automatically moved to one of 165 storage stands
  • Optical and pressure sensors ensure that the coils have been accurately seated in the grabs


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