Kinetic Building Façades

Our proven experience and expertise with mechanical handling and lifting solutions can deliver the right bespoke moving door solution for a wide range of applications

The Challenge

Doors can be a lot more complex than first assumed, coming in a variety of weights, shapes, sizes and with numerous other attributes bringing additional functionality.

Our customers approach SCX Special Projects in situations where a door needs to be something special, due to factors including the environment they operate within, it’s desired purpose, or reliability and longevity.

The Solution

SCX Special Projects has designed, commissioned, and fitted numerous bespoke moving doors for a myriad of purposes from atop skyscrapers, to stadiums. These solutions undertake safe, controlled kinetic motion to provide access to some of the most challenging locations.

As more venues look to bring fresh air into new and existing spaces, there has never been a greater demand for new ways to integrate gateways to the open-air. Find out how our solutions can open new doors to your projects.

Substance and style

  • SCX was tasked with the design, manufacture, install and commission of a moving portcullis door assembly

  • The decorative portcullis’ 15mm thick stainless-steel panels weigh in at 800kg each and are opened and closed by a hand crank in just 15 seconds
  • The door assembly consists of two independent systems where gearboxes featuring output shafts are connected to a driving chain sprocket forming part of a closed-loop chain


Tilt to open

  • Floor 44 of the One Blackfriar tower in London required two internally opening doors to allow maintenance and cleaning access to the building’s exterior
  • SCX’s design enabled off-site testing, intelligent use of limited space, and simple controls for ease of operability
  • Hydraulic actuators lean the external facade back before raising them inside of the building, significantly reducing wind loading on the panels


Suiting every occasion

  • As part of a wider screen system at Lords Cricket Ground, SCX designed and installed a set of bespoke hinged access doors with integrated sight screens
  • These doors pivot open horizontally to enable access to the pitch from under the grandstand
  • A key capability was the seamless alteration to its colour, with additional black panels that can be attached and removed from the white ones depending on whether single day or test-match cricket is being played


How do they get there anyway?

  • In many cases, the installation of the door contains numerous complications due to the space available and proximity to other assets
  • SCX assisted with one such example by developing the lifting gear that would place pre-built platform screen door (PSD) modules into position at 8 London stations
  • The solution lifts the PSD modules from a works train flatbed wagon, directly into their location on the platform






A unique outline

  • SCX was approached to identify the optimal configuration for a door at the top of the Scalpel skyscraper in London
  • The agreed design comprised of five modules powered by two hydraulic cylinders was then commissioned, tested, and installed
  • A balance of internal and external motion addressed structural compatibility, weight, and wind damage concernss


Part of a bigger picture

  • SCX delivered the façade access for maintenance equipment at the top of Sir Norman Foster's iconic London Skyscraper, 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)
  • As part of the wider system, the façade’s roller shutter doors open up to enable a carriage to exit its storage bay which is then securely attached to the external rails with shock bolts
  • Safety edge and infrared detectors prevent door closure on any person or machinery


Up and under

  • SCX designed, commissioned, and Installed the retractable pitch at Tottenham Hotspurs stadium, which places the grass pitch under the grandstand and inside the parking lot to reveal an artificial one
  • To move the pitch into place, the entire touchline raises hydraulically through 1.8 metres, which provides plenty of vertical space for it to fit
  • Hydraulic power packs open the surround flaps, before powerful rams raise the structure, all carefully synchronised via an SCX engineered EC&I system





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