Kinetic architecture – The brains behind the brawn

Although we're famous for our 'brawny' kinetic structures, those 'brains' are very much here at SCX Special Projects. It's when mechanical and electrical engineering combine that things really move.

Our award-winning team is very happy to answer any questions on how it all works.

The brains behind the brawn

We've moved stadium roofs and football pitches... even the odd crane!

What could we move for you?

SCX Special Projects' mechanical and electrical engineering teams can help you to deliver your moving structure projects.

Our in-house expertise sets us apart. We give kinetic structures like the Spurs pitch and Wimbledon roofs both the power AND the control.

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Tottenham Hotspur 10,000t retractable pitch

  • The pitch and touchline retracts in 25 minutes, by remote control
  • There are 290 electric motors and over 140 hydraulic cylinders
  • The EC&I system contains over 1,800 devices and 148 enclosures


Hydraulic stage set lifting rig

  • The stage towers are built through repeated 1.25 metre lifts
  • Hydraulic rams provide power, controlled by bespoke EC&I
  • The rig is rugged, SIL safety rated and modular for transportation


Swiss Re bespoke access solution

  • SCX designed, tested and installed 5 bespoke access machines
  • Cradles travel down the building while a 30m boom serves the top
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces keep things smooth and safe


Two concertina roofs at Wimbledon

  • Both roofs close in 10 minutes, operated from a central control room
  • Each roof has up to 120 actuators, 44 motors, 164 servos and 50 VSDs
  • Complex integrated mechanical and electrical design solution


Wembley stadium retractable seating

  • 800 seats swing upwards to reveal a flat surface for the stage
  • Eighteen powerful 8-metre cylinders raise and lower the seating
  • Simple controls automate the lift, with sensors for positional data


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