National Apprenticeship Week 2022

11th February 2022

SCX places great value on the ongoing recruitment, training and support of apprentices.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we had a quick chat with two of our engineering apprentices, Ollie Lanchbery and Callum Havenhand, to get some personal perspectives on apprenticeships.

We welcome and benefit greatly from the energy, enthusiasm and new thinking that they bring to our business.

And to borrow a phrase from National Apprenticeship Week, our apprentices help to 'Build The Future' of our business. We help to build the future of their careers. And together, we help to build the future of British engineering.

Both Ollie and Callum are G1 Mechanical Engineers, learning their trade on the innovative mechanical handling projects that SCX is known for. Read on!


What does a typical week as an SCX apprentice look like?

Ollie: My schedule is atypical which I love. My working week ranges from developing concepts, through to engineering design substantiation, plus additional activities such as site visits and supplier engagement to name but a few.

How do you balance your workload with studies?

Ollie: It’s all in the planning! When juggling both work and academic life, it pays dividends to map out your time for the week ahead. This allows for a balanced schedule and ensures time is maintained for social activities.

Callum: My course was structured so I was in work 4 days a week with day release to university 1 day per week. I was given work to complete in and around this which was done in my own time outside of work. This meant my overall workload was high, however spending time at work often aided my understanding of my studies.

How have you progressed since your apprenticeship began?

Callum: Since my apprenticeship began I have continued to take on more responsibility as a design engineer. As my understanding of mechanical engineering grows, so does my use of the subject in my job role. One feeds the other in a virtuous circle.

What has the apprenticeship programme enabled you to do or learn?

Ollie: The apprenticeship programme has enabled me to put my academic engineering studies into practice on a daily basis. For a kinaesthetic learner like myself, this allows work and university to compliment each other perfectly.

Callum: It has enabled me to gain the experience of being in a workplace while also earning a degree level qualification. This will hopefully enable me to progress and become chartered more quickly.

What are your future aspirations and how will your apprenticeship help achieve them?

Ollie: As a long-term goal, I would like to be in a senior technical position within the mechanical design division. Through the variety of experience I have gained during my apprenticeship, I envisage my broad knowledge base to help me achieve this.

Callum: I hope to work towards becoming a chartered engineer in the future. By completing my degree through an apprenticeship program, it has allowed me to gain 3 years additional experience in a workplace, which is important in helping to achieve chartered status.


Thank you Ollie and Callum for your time - here's wishing you every success in your engineering careers!

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